Tuesday, November 2, 2010

changing focus

This week I oficially started my new role at e+ CancerCare in Accounts Receivable doing insurance claims follow up. I'm very excited to take on new responsibilities and train closely with the AR management team. I don't think there's a better group to learn from!

The cover of FastCompany caught my eye the other day. Featured in the magazine was an article about Nike CEO Mark Parker. He shared some advice he learned as a child from his grandmother. She would often share her observations about the world, "...engaged and learning new things until she passed," said Parker. One of the resulting guiding principles that made it to the cover of this month's issue:
"Curiosity is life. Assumption is death. Look around. Be a sponge."

So where I was formally writing appeals for denied claims, I will now be handling the step just prior to that. I think that I have an opportunity to challenge the insurance payers and potentially bring in money quicker than with appeals. It will be interesting as I learn another facet of the business!