Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photography class

Last Saturday, I took a photogaphy class with my dad at the Nashville Zoo in lieu of our monthly breakfast. It was a lot of fun! Highlights of the day were getting to see the giraffes up close in the barn and feed them leaves, as well as get to see the baby giraffe. I also enjoyed seeing the baby meerkats (so cute!). We had two great photo ops: a close up of the elephants and a photo shoot with a young Eurasian Lynx.

A tip that I learned about animal photography, aside from camera setting specifics, was to take pictures at the animal's eye level for the most dramatic shots. This is in stark contrast to people and landscape shots that are best taken from below and above for interesting photographs.

Not all the animals were out that day due to the cold weather conditions. Nonetheless, I went through four batteries and took nearly 1800 pictures. Here are a few more of my favorites from the day:

If I go back to the zoo, I'd like to spend more time with the cats and in the aviary.


Nana said...

Loved the photos. I am glad that you enjoyed your day.

Carolyn "Care Bear" King said...

Gorgeous. I'm jealous at your lovely talent.

The Craft-Arty Kid said...

Wow those photos are awesome. Love the giraffe ones