Saturday, February 26, 2011

the question I get asked most often at work... far, is, "where was your desktop background picture taken?" While I knew it was some place in Italy, I wasn't exactly sure of the name. All I knew was that it was someplace I'd like to go, and I use it to take a mental vacation every now and then (well, not really, but that's a nice thought). So I decided to do some research.

photo by Tony Helsloot

It's a place called Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy...and isn't it beautiful?

The second most often asked question is probably a close tie between, "what are you doing for lunch today?" and "what do you have against wearing socks?" :)


Nana said...

Aunt Carolyn and I went to Cinque Terre, Italy. We walked from city to city along a path following the Mediterranean coastline in the National Park. It was the most beautiful site to see. It would be a place I would love to visit again. Feel free to view my photo album.

e.marie said...

Maybe this should be our girls' trip this year instead of Chicago! :)

Carolyn "Care Bear" King said...

OOOOOOH! That would be funtastic! We didn't see this city from this angle, but we saw Vernazza which had similar buildings. Lovely day trip feeding stray cats and kissing (check out the pictures).