Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{30 BEFORE 30}

I'm a huge listmaker...and I love the idea of accomplishing 30 things before I turn 30. While I typically would do this on my birthday (and fitting for new year's resolutions), I don't want myself to get confused between ongoing yearly goals and fun things to try at least once...but the list is full so I want to go ahead and get started!
♥     ♥     

1. Bake a pie from scratch

2. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch (…that actually rises. My banana bread doesn’t count and the babka I made once before wasn't a huge success)

3. Treat myself to a spa day (mani/pedi and a massage)

4. Treat myself to a unique piece of jewelry from Etsy or online

5. Picnic somewhere beautiful

6. Hike somewhere new

7. Go on a retreat by myself

8. Go on a camping trip

9. Get new glasses

10.See a Broadway show (on Broadway)

11.Shoot a gun

12.Consider a nose piercing or tattoo

13.Retain $1500 in savings

14.Pay off debt with the exception of my car loan (that will be in 2013 hopefully)

15.Reach the $10,000 mark in my retirement account

16.Learn how to sew

17.Make a quilt

18.Learn the art of felting

19.Sell a piece of art

20.Invest in a camera

21.Get comfortable using my DSLR camera in manual mode

22.Take pics of downtown Nashville

23.Scrapbook my childhood photos, schoolwork, art projects that I currently just have in a box

24.Open an Etsy shop

25.Travel Abroad

26.Accept a marriage proposal

27.Adopt a dog

28.Try strength training

29.Run a 5k

30.Celebrate the last night of my 20s in style


Nana said...

PLEASE, say no to #12!
Love, Mom

e.marie said...

I was just checking to make sure you're still reading my posts ;)